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Elisabeth Turmo

«Elisabeth Turmo er en ung fiolinist som forener teknisk fjellstø perfeksjon og enorm energi. Hennes egen variant av spillet mellom folkemusikk,  den nordnorske urkraften, og det klassiske, resulterer i en vulkansk-musikalsk kraft av de sjeldne.»
Martin Romberg, artistic director, Roseslottet 

Ysaye - Ballade, Elisabeth Turmo(violin)

Ysaye - Ballade, Elisabeth Turmo(violin)

PS! Listen with headphones for the best experience of the video! Have you ever felt like you couldn`t see the light at the end of the tunnel? We all have difficult times. Emotions that are unbearable. We do everything we can to distract ourselves. It is so painful that we do not want to meet these "demons", who scream and do not let us rest. Many of us have been forced to face our "inner demons" during the pandemic. This music video came as an idea during the lockdown last year. It reflects an inner journey that all people go through from time to time, some more often than others. The video illustrates how the world can be experienced as black and white. But by meeting these thoughts and emotions we can come to the other side relieved, happy and more authentic than before. As if life has regained its colors. This video is a musical, cinematic and visual illustration of how mental health can be experienced from the inside when one is struggling. We hope it can provide inspiration, hope and compassion during this crazy time.. Violin: Elisabeth Turmo Video: Aleksander Nordaas Dancers: Rikke Anett Lund, Maja Kristiansen Meisfjord, Astri Langmo Tømmervik Costumes: Kristin Larsen Studio: Studio Nord, Fred Endresen Støttet av: Nordland fylkeskommune , Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Vefsn kommune

«Her performances are characterized by an often thrilling security, and particularly an immediacy of engagement with the music that transmits itself directly to the audience.»

John Blakely, Professor of Piano, Royal College of Music, London, 2018

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